The Man Behind Christmas

    In 1984, Doug Topham set off (with his wife, Marcy, and new baby girl) to join the Air Force as ajet pilot. After the Gulf War was over, Doug hung up his flight suit and aviator sunglasses and moved his growing family to the midwest to join the corporate workforce. He worked in sales for companies like GE. He did well, but after soaring through the expansiveness of the wild blue yonder, he felt a restless longing to put two-hour traffic commutes behind him and escape the monotonous corporate routine. He wanted to work for himself, to moil in the weeds building something of his own, to channel his integrity and aspirations into a company he believed in.

    The Christmas Plunge

    In 2003, Doug and Marcy took the biggest, riskiest career leap of their lives and purchased a small Arizona-based company, Christmas Light Decorators (CLD). It’s no exaggeration to admit that it was a grueling beginning. Doug and Marcy staked their entire financial future, including their own home, on the hopes of their dream. There were days Doug worked from 4 a.m. until midnight, only to wake up at 4 a.m. and do it again. There were catastrophes that threatened to collapse everything.

    A Holiday Wonderland

    Slowly at first, CLD grew to become one of the largest holiday lighting and decor companies in the southwestern United States. CLD operates out of a 44,000 square-foot office and warehouse. They now boast about 25 permanent employees and hire up to 70 seasonal workers.

    In 2004, CLD bought an online sales and product importing company, Commercial ChristmasDecorations (CCD). This collaboration has enabled further company growth, highest quality standards and consistency, more competitive pricing for clients, and the ability to offer exclusive and custom products that reflect the hottest trends in the industry.

    Why it Matters

    When Doug was first getting his business off the ground, he woke one night to an urgent phone call. The news had him instantly alert and bounding out of bed: quality control had revealed a faulty batch of lights. Any jobs using lights from that lot would have to be taken down entirely and redone--an overwhelming setback during their busiest time of year. A mishap like this one was enough to potentially cripple his fledgling company--but it was also the catalyst that prompted Doug to take drastic action to guarantee the quality of his work.

    Purchasing an importing company meant Doug could insist on products meeting the highest standards, both in safety and aesthetics. Here at CCD, our management team regularly travels to and meets with manufacturers from all over the world--including China, the Philippines, Germany, Mexico, and Denmark. We are proud to have a personal working relationship with the people and places our products come from.

    The products we sell through CCD are the same products we professionally install on a national, commercial level. By hand-selecting top-notch products and suppliers, are able to pass along our assurance that our products are nothing short of the best.